The Sonnet as a verse form usually expresses personal feelings. Discuss this statement with reference to the sonnets of “Thomas Wyatt”.

Thomas Wyatt

Obviously, an artist, either he is a painter; writer or a poet should have to imitate things by his mind with respect to his personal feelings, experience as well as knowledge. Thomas Wyatt is not different from the common artists. He accompanies them with regard to share his personal feelings in his sonnets. Nevertheless, the purpose of writing a sonnet is to describe an idea, feeling of something or sentiments in fourteen lines, following a specific rhyme scheme. Thomas Wyatt, although translates the notions of Petrarch yet his personal feelings in form of sonnets cannot be ignored.In every sonnet, Wyatt discloses his own moods and sentiments especially his love life with Anne Boleyn. The theme can be changed but the subject remains the same in every sonnet. Personal touch with respect to love life is the key factor of all sonnet of Thomas Wyatt. The poet, in form of rhyme, expresses his sufferings and emotions because of his love affairs. Whether the affair is true or not, it is not the point of determination but there is no doubt that Thomas Wyatt, directly or indirectly, suffered. In English literature, Thomas Wyatt has a name, which is enough for his appreciation in the times gone by but definitely his sonnets are full from his personal prejudiced matters. The life, which he spent, was not so good as he was charged and his beloved was executed in front of him because of adultery. His opponent, in his love affair was a king but he was just a servant, in his king’s eyes. Although, he was an ambassador yet it was not enough to strike his rival.

The only thing, which does not left Thomas Wyatt through thick and thin was his poetic conceptions in shape of sonnets.Poetry was a single option for him in order to complete his labour of love.The contribution of Thomas Wyatt in English literature, in form of sonnets is above board. Nonetheless, most of his sonnets articulate his personal feelings regarding his partial love affairs. For instance, his sonnet “What should I Say” is related to departure from his beloved, in which, she, while ignoring the convent, leaves the poet. The incident can be linked to his unsuccessful love stories, as we are well aware with the past of poet. He faced a lot of depressions due to dishonesty of his beloved.Similarly, another famous sonnet of Thomas Wyatt “Whose List to Haunt” is also about his personal deep attachments with Anne Boleyn. He is helpless in front of his antagonist. Thus, he can do nothing. Of course, the incident again connect us to the past of Sir Thomas Wyatt. The haunter and haunting deer in the said sonnet refers to the same incident. The haunter, who is King, is better than the poet and eventually becomes successful in haunting the deer. On the other hand, it also symbolizes the incident of execution of Anne Boleyn because of adultery and helplessness of poet in this matter.

“The long love that in my thought doth harbor” is another sonnet of Thomas Wyatt, which is also relevant to his personal feelings. In the said sonnet, the poet again can do nothing because love has gone deep down in his mind. He tries to get rid of his habit of thinking about his love life but in vain. According to him, he cannot flee from love because it is in his mind and heart as something in a forest. Hence, it is difficult for the poet to remove his past memories. Another example, which is worth mentioning is “Is it Possible Forget Not Yet”, which is a beautiful development from love to hate and then to relent. The poet, in the said poem, mentioned again and again that it is possible. His efforts for getting his love has been shaped in his sonnets.

The sonnet may express personal feelings or it may not but by and large, Thomas Wyatt has tried toshow a wild goose chase for his love in his sonnets. The autobiographical elements are clearly depicted in every poem of this great writer. Every word defines his memory and confidently conclusion can be drawn to the effect that these sonnets raise hue and cry against incomplete love life of the poet. The poet was an ambassador by profession but being human has also his own feelings, which are required to be expressed so as to calm down him. Every poet and writer, by using his mind and his experience depicts life in form of words. Similarly, Thomas Wyatt is best in describing the events of his life. He choose a new style, which was not chosen earlier by anyone in English literature to illustrate the condition of his mind and heart.So far as the personal feelings in sonnets are concerned, a writer has no limitation regarding its theme and subject. The only limit is to write in accordance with its rules but not about the topic. A poet by his freewill can chose any subject as per his own wish.

Thomas Wyatt’s name will be remembered even in future because of his work. If one wants to read autobiography of the poet, he does not need to go anywhere; he can sit and read his sonnets. The sonnets can be of different types. Any idea can be presented in them. As discussed supra, a sonnet has no limitations but it depends on the writer to choose any subject of his choice. Of course, it is true that a poet expresses his personal feelings in sonnets as it gives it a taste of reality. Like other writers, Thomas Wyatt also expresses his state of mind and heart in his sonnets but it is not a defect nor it is necessary for a poet to do that. In short, it is not obligation for the poet that he must express his personal feelings in sonnets but optional for him. Keeping in view the sonnets of Thomas Wyatt, we are of the view that they usually express personal feelings of the poet.