It is very theological play: Faustus’ sin begins with pride and ends in despair; he chooses evil of this own free will but enslaves his body as well as his soul to temptation”. Discuss this statement in relation to Marlow’s Doctor Faustus.It is very theological play: Faustus’ sin begins with pride and ends in despair; he chooses evil of this own free will but enslaves his body as well as his soul to temptation”. Discuss this statement in relation to Marlow’s Doctor Faustus.

Definitely, the theme, used in Dr. Faustus is theological. The story of temptation of Dr. Faustus is very skillfully dramatized by Christopher Marlow. The whole play seems to be a war between good and evil. From the very beginning of the play we realize that Dr. Faustus has an element of pride in it. He chooses different books and considers himself the master of every knowledge and underestimates the power of goodwill. He wants to get power by hook or by crook, as he in his monologue says that I know every ingredient of doctrine but through it, I cannot make a person alive, therefore, he chooses black magic. The good angel and bad angel represents the inner condition of Dr. Faustus’s mind, who is well aware that the knowledge, which he is going to choose is harmful for him not only in this life but the life after it. He deliberately, chooses black magic to satisfy his worldly ambitions. From the seven deadly sins, pride is also included in the list and it is crystal clear by watching the play that it is the real cause of Dr. Faustus’s devastation. It is pertinent to mention here that Dr. Faustus did not try to save himself from evil but he went with the tide. The play actually tells us about the limits, created by the Gods, and if we cross them we have to suffer but it is not necessary in every case. Though Dr. Faustus sells himself to Mephistopheles yet he has every chance to save himself till end. He could repent anytime. We know that God is Almighty and his blessings are dominant on his wrath, that’s why Mephistopheles stops Dr. Faustus from remembering and memorizing the name of God. Mephistopheles is well aware with the real power, forgiveness and punishment of God, therefore, he does not allow Dr. Faustus to remember God in any case. It is true that Dr. Faustus chooses evil because of his own will and due to temptation he enslaves himself as well as his soul to temptation and cannot not save himself from destruction. The last speech of Dr. Faustus is a great lesson for every person. Although, anyone can commit a sin, as it is part of human nature but God has created a way to rescue oneself from this sin, which is called repentance. If we get forgiveness from the God, we can save ourselves from every damage but Dr. Faustus deliberately and knowingly did not take any action to save himself from the hell.

Dr. Faustus by his own freewill signs a contract with the condition that, if his every worldly desire is fulfilled, he is ready to go to hell with Mephistopheles, after twenty four years. It was his pride on himself and his knowledge as well as on evil power, which causes his annihilation. He chooses evil on his own freewill. As discussed supra, the good angel came and try to advice Dr. Faustus but he did not follow his advice and the lure takes him to hell. Although he has signed the contract with Satan through Mephistopheles yet he could save himself by asking forgiveness from God. If he did not repent it was his own freewill. Thus, if he had chosen the evil way, it was his own freewill and if he had not repented, it was again his own freewill. He was tempted more by the evil than the goodness as indicated by two angels, in shape of good angel and bad angel.

Thus, it is clear like a day that Dr. Faustus has chosen black magic because of freewill but his life does not end here. He has many chances to protect himself but he deliberately did not take any action to save himself. It is because of the repentance, we acknowledge that God is almighty and forgives everything, therefore, Dr. Faustus also had a way of salvation, which he did not adopted. He was so engaged in enjoying the superfluity of life that he did not think about any regret. He was so tempted by the evil that he committed seven deadly sins after gaining power from Satan but he forgot that these powers have a limit. He forget that these powers are not permanent and the complete happiness is in doing good deeds to get eternal peace, which is available in shape of life after death.

At last but not the least, Dr. Faustus was well aware about his destruction, after choosing his desired knowledge. He thinks many times before choosing black magic but does not leave it. Not only before choosing the way of evil but after choosing it he was warned through good angel and bad angel but he, ignoring them, intentionally chooses the wrong way. A way, which is also called the way of temptation. Even when his life was near to end an old man tried to save him by indicating him that he can rescue himself from every destruction by repenting on his sins but Dr. Faustus was tempted too much by the evils to the extent that he did not find any smartness in repenting and eventually because of his pride and decision of choosing black magic as well as his temptation towards luxuries of life took him permanently to hell.