The Killers Ernest Hemingway Summary | Detailed

The Killers Earnest Hemingway Summary

Introductory Summary of The Killers By Ernest Hemingway:

The Killers is one of the best short stories ever written in English Literature. The summary of “The Killers” by Ernest Hemingway is demonstrated here in easy language for better understanding.

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The Killers Ernest Hemingway Summary | Detailed

Ernest Hemingway The Killers Summary in English:

George along with Nick Adams is in a small lunchroom where a cook named Sam also works. The story starts when two unknown persons enter the lunchroom. It is evening time and the lights on the street are on. The unknown persons see the menu and ask for supper. They order food but not every item they ask for is ready yet. George tells them that it is not dinnertime, therefore, the ordered items are not available. Finally, they order some food from the available items.

While eating their meals, both the criminals tease George and Nick Adams. The writer introduces them to the readers with the delivery of dialogues between the two. They are introduced as AI and Max. They are professional criminals and came to kill a person named Ole Anderson, who is a prizefighter. He regularly dines in the lunchroom. After finishing their meals, AI calls the cook. When Sam, the cook, comes from the kitchen, AI stands up and forcibly took Sam and Nick Adams back to the kitchen and ties them.

After that, Max frankly tells George that they are “going to kill a Swede.” He asks George whether he knows a big Swede named Ole Anderson or not. George tells him that he comes for dinner in the lunchroom every evening at six O’clock. George asks Max the reason behind the assassination of Ole Anderson. He asks, “What are you going to kill Ole Anderson for”? In reply to his question, George answers, “He never had a chance to do anything to us. He never even seen us…We are killing him for a friend. Just to oblige a friend”.

They wait for Ole Anderson to come. Max directs George that if anybody comes, tell him the cook is sick. A man comes and George explains to him the same as directed by Max. Everyone waits for Ole Anderson but he does not come for dinner. After 7 O’clock, they give up waiting for Ole Anderson and then leave the lunchroom.

George goes into the kitchen and unties Nick Adams and Sam. They all consult on the point that whether they should tell Ole Anderson about the whole incident or not. Sam is against poking a nose into the matter but George and Nick Adams want to inform Ole Anderson about the whole situation. Ultimately, they decide to notify him. George sends Nick Adams to Ole Anderson. Nick goes and finds him lying in his bed. He tells him the whole story. Ole Anderson does not do anything. He says he accepts death rather than running away from it. Nick Adams suggests that he should inform the police but Ole Anderson denies doing the same. He also suggests that he should go away from town but Ole Anderson replies “I’m through with all that running around… There ain’t anything to do.”

Nick returns and tells his mates that Ole Anderson is not going to do anything. They are going to kill him. He decides to leave the town for a while but George suggests that he should rather be quiet. The story ends with the last dialogue of George “you better not think about it”.

The Killers By Ernest Hemingway Summary in Hindi:

The Killers By Ernest Hemingway Summary in Urdu:

George aur Nick Adams aik chotay se lunchroom mein hain jahan Sam naami aik bawarchi bhi kaam karta hai. Kahani uss waqt shuru hoti hai jab do namaloom afraad lunchroom mein dakhil hotay hain. Shaam ka waqt hai aur gali ki lightain bhi chal rahi hain. Namaloom afrad menu ko dekhtay hain aur khaanay kay liye kehtay hain. Who khanay ka order daitay hain lekin har who cheez jo woh poochtay hain abhi tak tayar nahi hai. George unhain batata hai k yeh dinnertime nahi hai issilye yeh tamam cheezain abhi tak tayar nahi hain. Akhir kar woh mojooda cheezon mein se kuch ka intikhab kar k order day detay hain.

Khaana khatay huaye dono mujrim/namaloom afraad Nick Adams aur George ko Chairtay hain. Musanaf unn donon ke mukalmay k zariye unn ka taaruf karwata hai. Aik ka naam AI hai aur doosray ka Max hai. Woh dono paishawar mujran hain aur Ole Anderson naami aik shakhsh ko maarnay k liye aaye hain jo prizefighter hai. Wo baqaidgi se lunchroom mein khana khanay aata hai. Khana khatam karnay k baad AI bawarchi ko bulata hai. Jab Sam bawarchi kitchen se bahar aata hai tou woh ussay aur Nick Adams ko dobara kitchen mein lay jaata hai. Woh unhain rassi se bandh deta hai.

Max saaf taur par George ko batata hai ko wo aid Sweden ko marnay waalay hain. Woh George se poochta hai k kiya wo kisi Ole Anderson naami Sweden ko jaanta hai ya nahi. George ussay batata hai ko wo rozana shaam 6 bajay lunch karnay yahan aata hai. George Ole Andersen ko qatak karnay ki wajha poochta hai. Max batata hai k woh aik dost k kehnay per ussay maarnay jaa rahay hain.

Dono killers Ole Anderson ka intizar kartay hain. Max Goerge ko hadayat karta hai k agar koi aaye tou ussay batao k bawarchi bemar hai aur koi b item mojood nahi hai. Aik Shakhsh wahan aata hai aur George ussay bilkul yahi baat batata hai. Kaafi dair tak killers Ole Anderson ka intizaar kartay hain lekin woh wahan nahi aata. Taqreeban 7 bajay k baad dono killers wahan se chalay jaatay hain.

George Bawarchi Khaanay mein jata hai. Sam aur Nick Adams ko khol deta hai. Woh sochtay hain k Ole Anderson ko iss baat se aagah kiya jaye k do namaloom shakhs ussay maarnay waalay hain. Sam iss baat se agree nahi karta. George Aur Nick Adams faisla kartay hain k Ole Anderson ko iss baaray mein bataya jaye. Nick Adams, Ole Anderson k pass jata hai aur saari surat-e-hal se aagah karta hai. Ole Anderson ko iss baat ki koi parwah nahi k koi ussay marnay wala hai. Who kehta hai k ussay maut se bhagnay ki bajaye qabool kar lena chahiye. Nick Adams ussay police ko ittla denay k baaray mein mashwara deta hai lekin Ole Anderson mana kar deta hai. Who Ole Anderson ko yeh be kehta hai k ussay yeh town chor dena chahiye lekin Ole Anderson Iss baat se agree nahi karta.

Nick Adams wapis apnay sathiyon k pass aata hai aur unhain batata hai k killer Ole Anderson ko maar dein gay kiyun k Ole Anderson apnay bachao k liye kuch b nahi karnay wala. Nick Adams faisla karta hai k who kuch din k liye town ko chor day ga lekin Goerge ussay chup rehnay ka mashwara deta hai.

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