Punjab Government Launches Interest-Free Motorcycle Scheme for Students

Punjab Government Launches Interest-Free Motorcycle Scheme for Students

The Punjab government has initiated the registration for its Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative, offering 20,000 motorcycles in interest-free installments. Students are urged to register promptly through the newly launched online portal.

Overview of the Interest-Free Bike Scheme.

Introduced by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab, the Interest-Free Bike Scheme aims to promote education-friendly transport solutions. The scheme plans to distribute 19,000 petrol motorcycles and 1,000 electric bikes to selected students through a balloting system. Notably, there’s a specific quota reserved for female students.

Petrol bike distribution: 11,676 for male students and 7,324 for female students.

Electric bike distribution: 700 for male students and 300 for female students.

Eligibility for the Motorcycle Scheme.

The initial phase targets regular students from Degree Colleges and Universities recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in cities like Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.

Criteria for Eligibility.

Age: Above 18 years.

Enrollment: Must be a regular HEC-recognized Degree College/University student.

Documentation: Must possess a valid motorcycle Learner’s Permit or Driving Licence.

If applications surpass the allocated quotas, e-balloting will determine the beneficiaries.

Registration Process.

Students meeting the eligibility criteria can register via the following link:


During registration, students need to provide their full name, email address, CNIC, and gender details. Subsequently, they’ll set up a password to commence the application process.

Application for the Motorcycle Scheme.

Once registered, applicants will complete the online form, selecting their preferred petrol or electric motorcycles. The application link is https://bikes.punjab.gov.pk/login.

Application Deadline.

Students have until April 29 to apply for the Punjab motorcycle scheme via the provided link.

Financing Limits.

Electric Bikes: Up to Rs250,000

Petrol Bikes: Up to Rs150,000

Should a student opt for a bike exceeding these amounts, they must cover the additional cost upfront to the Bank of Punjab (BOP). The Punjab Government will only subsidize amounts within the specified limits. Selections must be made from available options on the web portal.

Petrol Motorcycles Offered.

  • Atlas Honda
  • Elffel Industry
  • Jay Kay
  • Master Engineering
  • Metro
  • New Asia
  • Qingqi
  • Ravi Motorcycles
  • Suzuki
  • United Motorcycles

E-Bikes Offered.

  • Elite Auto Industry
  • Fusion Engineering
  • Jolta
  • Metro
  • MS Automobiles
  • Nova Mobility
  • Pakzon
  • Sutlej
  • United Motorcycles
  • YJ Future

In summary, this initiative presents a golden opportunity for over 800,000 students across Punjab to acquire their personal mode of transportation. By easing their commute, the scheme aims to enhance accessibility to educational institutions, particularly benefiting those in remote areas. Eligible students are encouraged to seize this chance and apply promptly to be part of this transformative initiative.