Beauty and the Beast Characteristics

Beauty and the Beast Characteristics

The most famous story titled “Beauty and the Beast” is a fairy tale. It is the story of a young woman and a cursed man. The woman is called Beauty whereas the man has been defined as Beast and both these characters have their own characteristics. Beauty falls in love with the beast who is actually a cursed prince. The story has been converted into movies, stage production, books and novels. 

General characteristics of Beauty are:

  • Kind-hearted and compassionate
  • Intelligent and curious
  • Brave and Courageous
  • Empathetic and understanding

On the other hand, some famous  characteristics of the Beast are:

  • Cruel and hot-tempered
  • Lonely and isolated
  • Protective
  • Capable of change

Characteristics of Beauty in “Beauty and the Beast”

The writer portrays Beauty as a sudden cause of change in the life of Beast. Thus, she plays a positive role in the story. The writer demonstrates her positive behaviour not only towards those who are her near and dear ones but those who are her enemies.

Kind-hearted and Compassionate

It is one of the main characteristics of Beauty that differentiates her from Beast. She is kind-hearted and compassionate. Each media format shows this common trait of Beauty. She has the ability to see inside a character. Hence, it is not wrong to say that she is empathetic as well as understanding. 

She is able to see the inner soul of Beast and recognizes his goodness. She creates a strong relationship with the power of kind heart with the Beast. Thus, she establishes a close connection with him over time due to her kind heart.

As far as the compassionate behaviour of Beauty is concerned, she prioritises others’ welfare over her life. She desires to sacrifice herself for the purpose of saving her father. Thus, she is not a selfish lady. She is concerned about others which becomes a defining characteristic of her personality.

  • Beauty decides to take her father’s place as the Beast’s prisoner. This act of sacrificing proves beauty as a selfless lady who is always ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of others.
  • Beauty treats the Beast with kindness. She tries to understand him and does not reach a conclusion at once; instead, she takes time to know more about him. 
  • Beast receives injuries in a battle with a pack of wolves and Beauty rushes to his side while risking her own safety. As a result, she saves his life. 
  • She gives respect to every enchanted object at the castle. She treats them with respect and consideration. She understands that they are also people but are cursed at the moment.

It is noteworthy that the selfless and compassionate behaviour of Beauty causes the transformation of Beast back into a prince. Her unconditional empathy and love restore the real prince.

Intelligent and Curious

Intelligence and curiosity are two major characteristics which Beauty possess and that have been portrayed commonly in the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. She is curious about everything and wishes to gain more and more knowledge. In fact, she wants to enhance her experience so that she may know more about her own people.

In addition to realising and knowing about people, beauty has the capacity to deal with the natural world. Therefore, she values every object at the castle. She knows about things that are not obvious to others. It is her curiosity that leads her to explore and discover new things.

Beauty manipulates Beast. She asks such questions in which Beast is interested. It is her intellect that forces Beast to remain engaged in thoughtful conversations. It is also the reason there is an intellectual connection between them, which ultimately becomes an important part of their growing relationship.

  • Beauty spends most of her time at the castle in the library. She reads books to enhance her knowledge. She is passionate about learning. Her thirst for knowledge has been demonstrated many times in the story.
  • Beauty wants to know more about Beast while underestimating his beast nature. She questions him in order to acknowledge his critical condition.
  • She does not only want to gain knowledge about humans but also about natural objects. Her interaction with the enchanted objects is pertinent to observe here in this regard.
  • She is not only intelligent but also creative. She can find better solutions to every problem. Thus, problem-solving with good intellect is also another trait of beauty. 

Brave and Courageous

Beauty is courageous enough to take risks in her life. However, she does not do so for her own sake. She does it for the sake of others. Thus, bravery and courage are two other important characteristics that are associated with “Beauty” in the story “Beauty and the Beast”. 

Beauty’s courage to deal with the matters without any fear is the result prince is restored to his original position. Her willingness to put herself in harm’s way and her ability to see the good in others are important qualities that define her character.

  • It is Beauty’s courage that compels her to express her desire of taking her father’s place while risking herself.
  • Beauty shows courage by staying in the castle and facing her fears despite being initially afraid of the Beast.
  • She risks her own safety to help Beast when a pack attacks Beast. Ultimately she saves the life of Beast.
  • Her arrogant and selfish suitor intimidates her but in spite of that, she remains true to her own values and beliefs.

Empathetic and Understanding

Empathy and understanding are key characteristics of Beauty in the story “Beauty and the Beast”. She understands Beast’s struggles in life as well as his emotions. Beauty gives company to the Beast whenever he feels lonely. This act of Beauty helps her strengthen her connection with the Beast at an emotional level.

Empathy is also related to understanding yet Empathy is different in the sense that one does not only understand others but also shares others’ feelings. Beauty’s empathetic behaviour helps her in knowing the sufferings of Beast in the past. She consoles him while saying that physical appearance is not everything. There is no denying the fact that Beauty’s empathy creates a connection between the two which ultimately breaks the curse. As a result, Beast transforms back into a prince.

Many incidents are there in the story that proves Beauty’s empathy and understanding towards Beast making them her two major characteristics.

  1. Beauty understands that the Beast is not as dangerous as he appears. She recognizes that her sufferings are the reason behind his harsh attitude.
  2. She also shows empathy towards all the enchanted objects at the castle. Beauty knows that these are people in the guise of enchanted objects.
  3. She is also empathetic towards her father soon after his illness. She takes care of him, subject to the risk of her life. 

Characteristics of Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”

The writer portrays Beast in contrast to Beauty in the story. His traits are entirely different from Beauty’s. Thus, the writer makes a comparison between the two while showing their different capabilities and how they act under different circumstances. 

Cruel and Hot-tempered

The writer portrays Beast as a cruel and hot-tempered personality. Perhaps, it is because of his sufferings in life and harsh experiences. He lives a life of an animal in spite of being a human. From the very start of the story, Beast seems filled with anger and bitterness. He is harsh and does not spare anyone; especially those who cross his path. 

One of the major reasons he is cruel is that he has spent most of his time in loneliness. He has been cursed to live alone in his castle. He has no link with the outer world. No one is there to love him. Thus, his isolation increases bitterness in his life. Resultantly, he becomes cruel and hot-tempered. 

Beast also changes his attitude towards others with the passage of time. As the story progresses, he shows kindness to everybody. He starts seeing the world in a different way. Thus, there is a change in this trait which may also be regarded as learning, growth and development over time in the character of Beast.

Some examples are there from the story, proving these traits. For examples:

  1. The incident of plucking a rose from the garden is worth mentioning in this regard. Beauty’s father plucks a flower from the garden on which Beast becomes angry and not only demands the flower back but also suggests punishment for him. 
  2. Beast clearly tells Beauty that he does not like her presence in the castle. He yells at her and reveals his cruel nature.
  3. He wants to control the enchanted objects at the castle. He wishes that they must do whatever he asks them to do. He shouts at them when they do not respond as per his desires.
  4. The physical appearance of Beast is also cruel. He intimidates everyone he meets and shows his sharp claws, teeth as well as fur. 

Lonely and Isolated

It is also the characteristics of Beast in the story “Beauty and the Beast ” that he spends most of his time in loneliness. He lives in a castle from where he cannot go anywhere. Thus, the author portrays him as a lonely and isolated figure as no one is there to love him. He has no family and no one is there to talk with him which increases his loneliness and isolation. Consequently, he becomes angry and bitter. 

The world that is around Beast has abandoned him. Thus, he does not like anyone’s entry into his castle. However, this trait of Beast also changes with the passage of time. Beauty increases hope in his life. He hopes for a better future in the presence of Beauty. She assures him that physical appearance is not everything. He blows a new soul into Beast while boosting his kindness. Beauty ends isolation in his life.

The story shows the journey of Beast from loneliness to companionship and isolation to connectedness. Here are some examples from the story “Beauty and the Beast” that portrays isolation and loneliness as two major characteristics of Beast. 

  1. The curse of Beast is not only a change in his physical appearance but also to live alone in a castle. He cannot mingle with the world around him. He is lonely and cut off from the outer world. Only enchanted objects are there for his company.
  2. The writer also describes the dreadful physical appearance of Beast. His claws make him look fierce and intimidating. People do not like to go near him which increases his loneliness. Nonetheless, when beauty enters his life, he becomes satisfied with what he has. 
  3. Beast can always be seen lost in thoughts. His thinking haunts him badly. He has no one to talk to so that he may share his feelings. The catharsis of feelings is not possible for him; therefore, he feels more isolated. 
  4. Friends and allies also fear him due to his anger. Thus, it makes him more alone. 

Beast is Protective

In spite of all those bad traits, Beast protects those whom he loves. He is ready to sacrifice his life for the ones about whom he cares. At the beginning of the story, he is dreadful, angry and fearsome but when it comes to his friends, he becomes loyal and protective. He starts liking Beauty and prefers her safety to other things in life. 

Beauty goes outside the castle and Beast worries for her. For instance, when Beauty goes to see her father due to his illness, the Beast worries for her safety. He hands over her a magical mirror. Indeed, Beast’s protective nature is his most important characteristic. 

Many examples from the story “Beauty and the Beast” proves protective nature as one of his most important characteristics. 

  1. Beast demands punishment for Beauty’s father for plucking the rose but at the time Beauty arrives, he leaves everything aside and makes Beauty feel comfortable and at home.
  2. Beast worries for the safety of Beauty. He wants to go with him when Beauty leaves the castle and goes to see her father but he cannot do so. He sends her away with a magical mirror so she can see him whenever she wishes. 

Capable of Change

The story “Beauty and the Beast” is all about change in the life of Beast, so, change is among the major characteristics of Beast. The Beast does not only change physically but also changes his traits. He develops his characters over time. At the start, Beast is filled with anger and bitterness but afterwards, he learns to soften his accent. He willingly listens to the Beast and tries to learn from her. He gets rid of his anger over time. 

The story is a journey of change. It shows how Beast changes his traits as well as his physical appearance. He learns to be humble. He becomes a gentleman in the end. The credit for all the efforts goes to Beauty, who reforms him through her unconditional love. 

Beast is often portrayed as redeemable and capable of change in the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. In the end, Beast is redeemed and transformed and he is able to break the curse that has been placed on him. This transformation highlights the idea that even those who seem irredeemable or beyond change can be transformed by love and compassion, and that everyone has the potential for redemption.

Although there is no need to gather evidence from the story on the trait of change yet some examples are here for ready reference.

  1. Beast softens towards Beauty and shows kindness and compassion. 
  2. Beast learns to appreciate the company of enchanted objects. He enjoys their antics and shows a lighthearted side of his personality.
  3. Beast lets Beauty go to see his father when he becomes ill despite knowing that it causes a delay in breaking his curse. Selflessness and sacrifice are key parts of his transformation.
  4. Soon after becoming prince again, appreciates and values the love and connection that is there in his life. He eagerly shares his feelings and life with Beauty.

Thus, the general characteristics of Beauty are: kind-hearted, compassionate, intelligent, curious, brave and empathetic whereas Beast is cruel, hot-tempered, lonely, isolated, protective and capable of change.