Title Significance of Twilight in Delhi

If the universality of the novel Twilight in Delhi, for the sake of arguments, is ignored, even then the title has much significance.

Symbolism in “Twilight in Delhi” | Ahmed Ali’s Indirect Suggestions

Ahmed Ali strikes superstition beliefs, ups and downs of life, culture, colonialism and history in “Twilight in Delhi” through technique of symbolism.

Major Themes in “Twilight in Delhi”

It is clear to every reader that Ahmed Ali takes interest in presenting his own culture. He loved his culture. “Twilight in Delhi” is entirely about the downfall of Muslim civilization. Cultural values are beautifully depicted in this novel. Carlo Coppola has rightly said that Ahmed Ali’s best stories are those which are autobiographical in […]

Themes of “Twilight in Delhi”

What are the major themes explored by Ahmed Ali in the novel Twilight in Delhi. Ahmed Ali is a classical writer and like his work,his themes are also classic. Twilight in Delhi, at the same time, is a historical, classic, romantic and reality based novel. The undeniable elements of colonialism are described in detail and […]