Larkin’s Poetry Shows Yearning for Metaphysical Absolutes for States of being Imagined as it were Beyond the Reach of Being

Larkin’s poetry shows yearning for metaphysical absolutes for states of being imagined as it were beyond the reach of being. Discuss. Philip Larkin’s poetry deals with a common dogma. The main problems, which are being faced by young generation and even by old men, are loneliness and isolation. It has been said that a crowd […]

John Keats as an Escapist | Romantic Poetry is Poetry of Escapism

John Keats is called the most romantic poet of his era because he is the most escapist of them all. It is the important ingredients of romantic poetry.

John Keat’s Love for Nature

Among other ingredients of romantic poetry, love for nature is also its significant element.  Every romantic poet finds pleasure in discussing nature. William Wordsworth found God in nature and asserted its importance; William Blake also spreads light on its significance; similarly, S. T. Coleridge blended nature with supernatural elements. Indeed, every romantic poet either directly […]

John Keats as a Poet of Beauty | John Keats’ Hellenism

John Keats is called poet of beauty. He also takes interest in Greeks art in order to pursues beauty which is also called John Keats’ Hellenism.

John Keats as Romantic Poet | Characteristics of Romantic Poetry

John Keats’ love for past, quest for beauty, escapism and imaginative realism are fine examples that he is first in the list of romantic poet…