Symbolism in “Hyperion” by John Keats

Symbolism has great importance in literature. A word may not be as simple as it seems. It may have more than one meaning or may be the writer has not written the word in the context, in which it is being read. It can refer something important. Linguistically, we all know that words are just […]

Major Themes in “Hyperion” by John Keats

In order to write an epic poem, great themes are required. John Keats has written “Hyperion” while keeping in mind various subjects. He has chosen such themes which are necessary for an epic poem. Perhaps, his intention was to combine various ideas in a single poem, therefore, a bundle of themes is available in “Hyperion”. […]

Why John Keats’s Hyperion is Called a Fragment?

Hyperion; one of the greatest poems in the history of English literature, appreciated by poets, critics and writers; it is still being studied by students of literature but ironically, it is called a fragment instead of an epic. After reading the complete (incomplete) poem, the inference can be drawn that the poem is a masterpiece. […]

“Hyperion by John Keats” as an Epic

Numbers of poets have tried to write an epic poem in English language. In fact, many epic poems were written by great writers; some of them were successful, whereas some of them could not gain fame. Epic poems, which are still remembered in English language are “Paradise Lost” and “Rape of the Lock”; both these […]