About Us

Our Vision

This website has been created just to help the students and teachers of literature. We want to provide quality education and guidance to the students.  Many articles are available, which can be read from academic perspectives, wheres some of them are written for enhancement of knowledge. We are of the view that education can be provided without classrooms.

We are trying to answer every single question related to literature. Articles have been written from academic perspectives. Our primary concern is to prepare students for exams but at the same time we want them to feel beauty in literature. Search article of your desired topic, read it and enjoy it. If you cannot find your desired article on this website, you can contact us.

Our Story

We have become professionals now but once we were also students of literature. When we started reading literature, it was much difficult for us to find material on the internet. Only notes were available which were were not enough to prepare for examinations. After completing our degrees in English Literature, we planned to create a website in which we would provide quality material to students of literature.

Meet our Team

Muhammad Atif

Founder & CEO

Muhammad Atif promotes education. He is passionate to teach students. He thinks that the purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. He prepares students for exams. He also helps them in building careers. He is the founder of ASK Literature. Feel free to contact him in case you need help at admin@askliterature.com & askliterature@gmail.com


Anwaar Ahmed

Professional Writer

Anwaar Ahmad is a professional writer. He is working with us from last two years. His articles are marvelous and attractive. Especially, the academic articles are helpful for the students. He is best in demonstrating literature. He likes to read books. Reading is his hobby and writing is his passion. He also likes to help students. Feel free to contact him in case you need help at anwaarahmed@askliterature.com


Remaining unknown persons, who are helping students anonymously are also our team members. We express our deep gratitude for their generous support.